Send a STAR, support a broadcaster!

STAR is brand new gift item. Viewers buy “STAR” and send it to their favorite broadcasters.
Every broadcaster, including yourself, is eligible to profit from STAR by exchanging them for cash

  • 10 STAR US$ 1.00
  • 50 STAR US$ 5.00
  • 100 STAR US$ 10.00
  • 500 STAR US$ 50.00
  • Purchased STAR will expire after four years starting from the day you purchased.
  • You can not get your STAR back once you have given it someone else.
  • STAR Balance / STAR Gift history can be found in Settings > STAR Item

When you send STAR

Support your favorite broadcasters
Broadcasters make a profit by Cashing Out
Become a fan
Give one STAR and become a fan. Once a fan,
your font color will change in the chat and you will
receive a fan tag icon in front of your username.
Become a super fan
The top 10 fans for a given broadcaster
will be recognized as Super Fans.

When you receive STAR

You make MONEY
Without any partnerships,
all broadcasters are allowed to Cash Out.
Broadcasters can manage and interact with
his/her fans.